Saturday, June 4, 2011

Simply Saturday

My Summer Reading List:

1. The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks
I am only a couple of chapters away from finishing this one! It is sooooo good. I absolutely love his books - I could read them all day, every day. This one I particularly recommend because it's being turned into a movie that will be released in January 2012! Go get it :)

2. Redeeming Love - Francine Rivers
This is one that my pal Jessi over at Take Heart; bought for me and I'm not finished with yet! If y'all don't know, I have a tendency to start lots of books around the same time & have trouble finishing them. However, I really wanna get to this one. I'm about 1/4 of the way through and it's so interesting! Nothing I would have ever picked up myself - which I LOVE. I love being recommended books because it opens my eyes to new authors and new genres that I may never have explored before.

3. Gods in Alabama - Joshilyn Jackson
This was a thrift store find. Occasionally, I'll pop into the Goodwill or the YMCA and pick through their book collections. You never know what you're going to find! I am always looking for any Sparks novels that I don't already have, or just anything that looks like a good summer read. This one caught my eye because of the cover & the title. I'm excited to see how it is!

4. Best Friends Forever - Jennifer Weiner
This was another thrift store find. I love this author, so I figured for 75 cents, yeah I'll take it! It appears to be a little bit comedy, a little bit girly, and a little bit dramatic. Sounds good to me!

5. The Rescue - Nicholas Sparks
Another Sparks novel that I have on my shelf waiting to be read! I can't get enough of this guy...

6. At First Sight - Nicholas Sparks
Again...I can't get enough! I'm on my way to reading them all. BTW, if you're a fan, (you may already know this) but he has a new novel coming out this fall! It's called The Best of Me. Naturally, I can't wait for it :)

Can't promise you I'll make it through all of these by the time I'm back in school, but a girl can dream, can't she?
Have y'all read any of these? If so, let me know what you thought of them!

On another note, I'll be taking a break from my pool time because yesterday I started to experience Polymorphous light eruption. Sounds strange, right? It's basically an itchy rash that results from sensitivity to sunlight. Typically it happens in the early summer when your sun exposure increases...which would spot on describe my situation. I've been laying out for about 2 hours or so every day this week! I did wear sunscreen (of course) and layered on some tanning oil which has a little bit of SPF, but yesterday and today I am soooo itchy! I got some allergy medicine & some Aveeno Hydrocortisone anti-itch cream and it's working nicely :)
Please be careful out in the sun, people! Wear your SPF & get a nice floppy hat! ($10 at Target. holla.)

On top of my regular seasonal allergies, I am so exhausted with all of this medicine stuff! I absolutely love summer, but I hate all the rather unattractive counterparts it brings along with it.

Oh well, off to play with the puppy now.
SB has an off day tomorrow & is coming home for his little brother's graduation! Can't wait! :)

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  1. 1) yay books! i hate to say it - but i just finished a few that you're gonna love! but i'll keep them to myself until you're ready for more :)
    2) I have that skin thing goin' on too! on my chest, which is kind of awkward. I thought I had hives... good to know its just that dang sun.

    oh and 3) when did you become such a grade A blogger? lovin' the everyday updates! I need to step up my game.


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