Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Trends: Groupon - and some baseball

Have yall heard of Groupon? If not, I strongly encourage you to keep on reading! If so, you will appreciate this post & check out what deals I'm sharing!

Groupon is a website that gives HUGE discounts on products, services, etc from local businesses in your area and also sometimes online deals! Here is a deal I purchased this morning: $10 for $20 worth of summer apparel at Old Navy!
You purchase the Groupon online, then within 24 hours they email you something to print out, you bring it to the store and you've saved 50% on clothes! There's still about 17 hours to purchase it!

If you want further deals, I encourage you to make an account and see what deals they have for a major city near you.  For example, the closest one they have for me is Roanoke, VA (40 minutes away) but the other day, the deal was $5 for ANY burger at Bull & Bones, which is a restaurant we have in Blacksburg.

So you never know what the deal might be! My other Groupon purchase was a $32 full facial (normal price is $64). It's nice because I have until late July to use the don't have to cram an appointment into your schedule!

Yall should definitely check out Groupon if you haven't already. If they don't have any deals for a city near you, you can still take advantage of the multiple location deals (like the Old Navy one) and the online deals!

On a personal note, I went to go see SB play last night! He was the relief pitcher and came in at the 7th inning - and got the win :)
SB on the mound
It was sooooo hot and humid and muggy, but we toughed it out! There were a lot of people there and silly kid games in between innings. It was almost like a minor league game! I got my ballpark hotdog & downed two full water bottles. I love the summer weather, but when it's dark outside I don't want to still be fanning myself with all my might, but what are ya gonna do?! We didn't leave NC until about 11:00 which got me in bed at 3:00 this morning! Yikes! It didn't matter though because he pitched really well & as always, I was happy to be able to see him :)
Post game

Off to help Momma in the library for the day before I'm back to work at 3!
happy thursday :) xoxo

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