Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Survey: ABC's of Me

I might start doing a "sunday survey" routine...we'll see if I remember next week! Ha!
Feel free to play along if you'd like :)

Age: 20
Bed Size: Double!
Chore you hate: Cleaning the shower. It's so frustrating to do with a shower stall like I have! I can't wait to have a tub next year!
Dogs: We have one family pup, named Sadie. Hopefully soon I can get my own :) I want either a maltipoo, papillon/pomeranian mix or a yorkie. SB is getting the Boston Terrier!
Essential start of your day: I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but I do like to have something (coffee, tea, juice) just to get something in my system! I also always check the weather & watch the Today show!
I love Kathie Lee & Hoda!
Fave color: pink & purple
Gold or silver: The jewelry I wear 24/7 is silver, so I'd say I'm a silver girl!
Height: 5'5" (on a good day!)
Instruments I play: Used to play the flute in I can play you happy birthday on the piano!
Job Title: Teacher's Aide or Education & Enrichment Teacher
Me & G :)
Kids: While I'm at work I feel like I have 40...but thankfully I have zero right now!
Live: Southwest VA...been here a while, can't wait to be somewhere new!
Mom's name: Juliet
Nicknames: I used to have some because everyone seemed to be named Sarah in 1990. I grew up with almost 10 others in my class! And when I was younger, I was called Sasha when I whined about stuff...haha
Overnight hospital stays: None for me! Stayed late one night with SB when he had Tommy John, but then left him to be with his Sportscenter
Pet peeve: People who chew loudly, impatient drivers and people who repeat things that you say to them in question form. ex: "I just went on a run." "Oh, you just went on a run?" "...yes, that is what I said.." I know they are just imprinting it or whatever, but it annoys me!
Quote from movie: "Oh, the Great Bambino! I thought you said the Great Bambi." "You mean that wimpy deer?"
Right or Left handed: Right
Siblings: Two brothers, James (older) & Jason (younger)
At the last BHS graduation for us!
Time you wake up: Usually around 10:00! (unless I have early work, and then it's 6:00)
Underwear: almost all from Aerie or's almost an obsession, I must have close to fifty or sixty pairs!
Veg you dislike: Mushrooms
What makes you run late: When I can't pick out an outfit!!! I wake up in plenty of time, but then I just stand in my closet and change my clothes 10 times...
Xrays you've had done: silly ones at the dentist & on my foot!
Yummy food you make: Desserts :) and pasta, homemade mac & cheese and chicken salad!
Zoo animal, favorite: OTTERS :) SB would agree!

Another baseball game tonight! Yahooooooo :)

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