Saturday, June 18, 2011

Simply Saturday: Obsessions

It's Saturday & I'm patiently waiting for my laundry to be finished. Later I'm going to the Summer Solstice Festival downtown with Sadiebaby.

To pass the time, I was contemplating the recent obsessions of mine:
  • PINTREST. This can be considered more of an addiction than obsession.
  • Jason Aldean...'nuff said.
  • Luke Bryan...'nuff said.
  • 5" shorts from Old Navy. Time to be classy, "short shorts" are in the past...
  • Finding the perfect summer haircut. I hate to get my hair cut, but I want something fresh for summer...I have been stalking people to find the perfect do!
  • Paint colors. I want to repaint my room at home...I just can't decide between Kansas Grain (light yellow), Bridal Rose (subtle pinkish redish), Rose Linen (more pinkish but still soft) and Lavender Lace (light purple)
  • Themed Rooms. I am dying to get some themes room at home I had wanted to do beach theme, but turned that into my bathroom which was a success! My townhouse is harder to incorporate a theme because I'm not allowed to paint the walls. I suppose I will have to rely on wall hangings and fabrics. So far I have dark wood furniture and a blue quilt (but with pink paisley sheets...hehe). I will need to work on that before I move! I think I'll either go beach themed again, because I have two cute beach things for the wall, or keep it blue/neutral. Decisions, decisions...I just need my own house so I can pick and choose for more than one room!
  • Fresh fruit. I bought a humongo watermelon (my favorite) the other day & it's delicious! Made a fruit cocktail with that, grapes and cantaloupe. Yum :)
  • The new Death Cab CD...I want that!
  • Father's Day. I am going to see my Dad tomorrow! In addition to FD, it's his birthday on Tuesday. Knowing he doesn't look at my blog, I can share his gift with y'all. I got him a grilling set, some retro Budweiser pint glasses and a print of Mabry Mill. The print was made not by sketches or anything, but lots and lots and lots of little dots that made up the picture! It is SO cool.
  • Lastly, my job. I have realized that I have such a great job. I work with great people, my director works around my schedule and the kids, well, they can pretty much turn any day into a great day :)
 There ya go. Hope y'all have lovely weekends! Put on your SPF!
pintrest <3


  1. I hate getting my haircut too :/ hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan!! Love the blog btw.. I'm your newest follower!

  3. LOVE those 5" old navy shorts haha...i have totally already blogged about them but i completely agree


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