Monday, June 27, 2011

Vera, Baking & a Favor

Holy moly. My girl Jessi at Take Heart; just informed me that Vera Bradley has released the sneak peek video for their Fall 2011 line. I have come to find that most people either really like Vera Bradley or really don't like Vera Bradley.
I am going to be completely honest & say that I really love Vera Bradley. While some of their items are a tad bit expensive, the items that I have are so durable and will last practically forever! Each year they come out with new patterns which makes it interesting to start a collection because I have ended up with only two things in the same pattern! (Raspberry Fizz) :) Most of the items I have are wallets/clutches/small pouches. I also have the large duffel & weekender - both were awesome purchases. I have the large duffel in Blue Rhapsody and the weekender in Loves Me. If you need some cute travel bags, they are perfect!

Here is the sneak peek video!

Items I'm excited for:
  • A new planner
  • A new Tote or Vera
I have been using the same North Face backpack since high school that I absolutely love, but occasionally on days when I wear a dress or something cute, I feel like bringing a tote! I don't have any Vera totes currently.
I also need to invest in another cosmetic bag! Again - these are perfect for carrying make-up or toiletries. Also, my girl Jessi, said she uses one for her jewelry! Love it.

This morning, I skipped Jazzercise to do some baking :)
I made some cookie brownies & peanut butter blossoms. I lovvvvvve peanut butter blossoms!
YUM! They are a) extremely easy to make and b) extremely delicious!
As long as, of course, you like chocolate and peanut butter.

I'm off to SB's house for a Goodbye Party for one of his brothers who is leaving for the Naval Academy in a few days. Hopefully the weather is nice so we can jump in the pool :)

Lastly, the favor. To everyone that you love, let them know. And give them a hug.


  1. this is so weird... i made peanut butter blossums last night for my coworkers. expect a post on it. that is awesome that we both had a sweet tooth for these amazing cookies!

  2. Haha that's so funny! I lovvvvve them! I almost always make them for any get-together or party.

  3. I was so ANTI Vera Bradley up until last year when my aunt gave me an adorable wallet for my birthday. That thing holds everything and has a super cute pattern. Can't think of the name, but it's one I haven't seen a lot of people own. (I think that was my big issue with VB - EVERYbody had it, which made it not so special anymore...)

    P.S. Love that you skipped exercise to bake. That is so something I would do! ;o) xoxo, Sarah Kate

  4. Haha, thanks! I do agree that it seems like EVERYONE carries Vera items and sometimes I feel like people think "oh, another vera purse..." but I can't get over the patterns & reliability they have. I have been using some of the same items for several years. Never gets old :)
    I'm glad your Aunt changed your mind!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!