Friday, September 2, 2011

10 Day You Challenge, Friday Favorite

Five Foods
(1) One of my favorites: Pasta. My family is part Italian and my Grandma used to cook so many pasta dishes. My favorite is probably lasagna or pesto penne. Pretty much if it's full of carbs, I probably love it.

(2) My addiction: Watermelon. I love all fruits, especially melons, but watermelons are my absolute favorite. I could eat a whole one in one sitting, no doubt. Yummmmmmm :) Craving some now, just thinking about it.

(3) One of the most interesting foods I've had recently was: oysters (and also alligator). The oysters were very strange, kind of slimy, but I don't completely regret trying it. The alligator was pretty good. A little bit chewy which I don't really love, but I liked it! I had it once a long time ago, but forgot what it was like.

(4) The food I'm eating right now is: Brownies! My mom made brownies to send to my brothers in Norfolk. It turns out they decided to come home today and surprise her -- so I get to taste test one :)

(5) The food I wish I loved is: Mushrooms. I just do not like them, and I'm not sure why. It might be something that I need to try again in a couple years and maybe I'll have acquired a taste? They just seem to be on everything! I'll see something and it will look so good, then I see it has mushrooms...buh bye.

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is the start of Hokie football :) I'm pretty excited! I'll share pictures later.
Here is my favorite thing this Friday:
-I Would Do Anything For You- Foster The People
I'm a little bit obsessed with FTP. Their CD was my summer jam (alternating with country) and I've been re-listening to it this week. LOVE them.

That's all :)

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