Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blog Makeover + Pinterest

Since I have nothing else better to do on a Thursday night than go to bed early, I decided to give my blog a makeover. Holy. Smokes. I have literally been looking for hours (not kidding) for a pre-made, free template that is cute and not everyone has. It was difficult! I ended up finding one and tweaking it. I'm still not 100% convinced that I am going to stick with it, but it's getting late...I have to stop sometime!

What do y'all think? Yay or nay??!

In between blogging websites, I was, of course, pinning! Woo!
But seriously.

Today was a strange day. I'm not sure whether it was a good day or a bad day...I've had better, but I've also had worse. I'm just thankful that tomorrow is Friday because that means I've made it another week :)
Also, I'm 4 followers away from 50! That is so strange to me, seeing as I made this blog last year almost as a joke with my roommates. However, it has become more a obsession  hobby now that I love! I look forward to reading everyone's blogs and posting for y'all every day. I hope it's as fun from the reader's perspective!

Here are my favorite pins from the last couple of hours:

I love this bright color...I know it's Fall, but still!
I got that covered.
Love allll of this goin' on!
Don't you just want to cuddle up in that bed? I imagine you would have very sweet dreams.
Another cute Fall outfit
So cozy!

Only one class tomorrow :) Woohoo!


  1. So glad I found your blog! I love all the pins you found! And I'm loving that nail polish color!

  2. Cute layout! I love the striped dress look with leggings and boots. I'm going on a hunt for that today!

  3. love itttt :) very cute. You should make the header pop a little more against all the white so its more of a statement!

    miss youuu.

  4. Very cute layout! I LOVE that turquoise nail polish, who cares if it's Fall :-)

  5. Um, LOVE your new design!!! My blog is totally lacking in that department haha and it needs to change! I spent my Thursday night skyping/studying and watching a movie...such an exciting life lol


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!