Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I cannot believe it's Wednesday already...this week is flying by! This is a late post. There was an early release today. I also went to a Career Fair. Although I plan to go to Grad school, as opposed to straight into a career, it was still nice to go and explore my options. I had to dress up though, and now I have a blister! Grrrrrreat!

Anyhoo, time for WILW with Jamie.

I'm loving...hearing the kids use their manners. It's music to my ears. Today I also saw three acts of "big kid" kindness, helping out the younger ones. Precious.

I'm loving...The Frosty Parrot. A new self-serve frozen yogurt place downtown :) I hope it lasts a while! Those sort of places are my favorite. I'd much rather go there than a DQ or anything. The only other things we have around are Coldstone, Rita's and Ben & Jerry's.

I'm loving...sleep. Recently I've felt a little wimpy and so I've been trying to go to bed earlier. Yes I feel like I'm 80 years old, but I love waking up at 8 and feeling refreshed. Hopefully I can make a habit out of it!

I'm loving...these OPI colors!
William Tell Me About
You're A Doll
Suzi Loves Cowboys
{Sorry, those were really random....I'm getting tired!}

I'm loving...these quotes I found on Pinterest (followme)...

I'm loving...these fall outfits...



I'm loving...that we have a home NIGHT football game on Saturday :) 6:00 pm vs. Clemson! Maroon Effect! H-O-K-I-E-S HOKIES!

That's all folks :) this old lady is going to bed (ha!)...



  1. Great pins! I love all the outfits! I want to get OPI suzi loves cowboys!

    Just added you on pinterest!

  2. I love the OPI polishes. Have you seen the new Muppet collection for Christmas? If you like sparkles you will love it!

  3. I could use some sleep right now! I love your post today! I'm also loving those OPI colors. Happy Wednesday!!

  4. I really really like this post!!! Those nail polish colors are so pretty! And I LOVE Pinterest!


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