Sunday, September 4, 2011

Football Is Back!

Virginia Tech 66 ~ App State 13
Worsham Field
B Patt & I
View from the East
Our Marching Virginians


First game of the season was a SUCCESS! We scored within the first minute and it was all uphill from there. B-patt & I are on the East side this season which isn't too bad. Not as good as being in the North End Zone, but we'll live :) We actually had a perfect view of the game! We brought our raincoats thinking it might storm, then it turned out to be sunny and HOT HOT HOT. We all got sunburned. Next time I'm leaving the raincoat at home (so then of course it will rain).

One day I'll do a post on Hokie football game traditions. After going to a few away games I've been intrigued by all the different things the fans do throughout the games (chants, dances, etc).

After the game I got to go home to the pup pup :) Went shopping with Momma, won a bid on eBay with Auction Sniper (yay!), and then had a family dinner. I also ordered some new license plates...believe it or not...VT SARAH was available!! In the mountains plates (not the VT ones) but I thought it was too fun to pass up. Momma and I were both very surprised that it was available. Usually all the cool stuff is taken.

Anyone else head out to a game today? How did y'all do??
Four Books (that I want to read)
(1) The Help, by Kathryn Stockett
I saw the movie (yeah, I cheated) before I read the book. I loved the movie and still think I should read the book. Anyone against that?? Usually I try and read the book first, but I didn't have enough time and Jessi and I were dying to go see it!

(2) Safe Haven / The Best of Me, by Nicholas Sparks
These two are Nicholas Sparks' most recent novels. Safe Haven is already out and The Best of Me will be released in October. They have both already been reserved to be made into movies! Speaking of which...The Lucky One is coming out August 24, 2012! Just in case you need another countdown.

(3) Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, by Beth Hoffman
This book is currently on my nightstand...I've started it, but not finished. I'm starting to get caught up in school stuff though, but hopefully I'll find a couple minutes here and there to sneak in a chapter or two. It's hard to do pleasure reading during the school year.

(4) Something Borrowed (and the ones that follow), by Emily Giffin
Again, a book that I did not read before the movie came out, HOWEVER I have not seen the movie yet either. I can redeem myself this time :) I've heard the book is better than the movie? I'm welcome to thoughts on that. I just think the books look adorable - literally, the covers are presh - and the story sounds cute too.

I promise I have a whole list ('s in my purse) of novels I want to read, but I just can't think of them all right now.

My body is dead from the game and my eyes are sleepy, so I'm going to drown out the loud mouths outside & try and get some sleep!


  1. The game looks like it was so much fun!! Can't wait for our first home game!!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the new Nicholas Sparks book! I love his books and cannot wait to read this one! And the game looks so fun! I watched it on the tele!

  3. I saw Something Borrowed before I read both books. I normally think seeing the movie first ruins the fun of reading the book, but these ones just made the book more fun to read!
    I need to check out those Nicholas Sparks books. Maybe the Help too?

  4. Your school has one of the coolest marching bands! Sounds like it was a fun game...even if App did lose! :p I have friends that go there and VTech so I really didn't care who won.
    As for your books, I want to read the Help too! My friends said they wouldn't talk to me unless I saw the movie or read the book! haha, so mean, right?! And Something Borrowed is really good...I can't wait to read the others!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!