Saturday, September 10, 2011


Go Hokies!

We play today (now) at ECU. Whenever we play there it reminds me of Senior year in high school when SB and I went to the game with his Dad and one of his brothers. However, the night before, in the varsity game he got a concussion...poor thing :( And where do you think our seats were? THE VERY TOP in the bright sun when he was advised to "stay out of the direct sun"...

We ended up switching with his fam and got some shade, but it was still one of THE hottest games I've ever been to. We were sweating even sitting down in the shade. It was gross! We did get to go into some A/C during the half though, so that helped. And thankfully, SB survived. All that matters ;)

Hoping for a WIN today!! TECH, TECH, VPI!


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