Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hey y'all. Time for another link up, with Jaime at this kind of love, for WILW!

I'm loving...that I got to play hooky today :) But for a legitimate reason! (Momma needed me to drive her somewhere). Afterwards, we got Panera, hair cuts and Momma got some new Hokie gear :) We also got ice felt like a Friday! We had such a good day :) *That's right people...I got my hair cut...finally caved in! EEK.

I'm loving...the nice Shift Supervisor at the Christiansburg Panera who gave Momma and I free cookies! Hashtag winning.

I'm loving...exercise. I came over to the house extra early this morning and went on a run with Sadie. It was a lot of fun to run with her, and I felt really good and energized - ready to start the day.

I'm dresses, such as this one:

I'm loving...snail mail and care packages :) Last Saturday I sent one to SB and he got it by Tuesday! I included a VT shirt, a country music mix, some candies, a card and a puzzle. I could tell he liked it because he told me he wore the shirt today! Woohoo!

I'm loving...that we have a home game this weekend - our Whiteout game vs. Arkansas State. I love the Whiteout games for two reasons. 1) The stadium, normally coated with maroon and orange, is COMPLETELY white! It's cool to see. 2) You can clearly tell who didn't get the "wear white" memo because they're still wearing maroon and orange...or some other color, which is totally not acceptable. Haha :)

I'm loving...all the new VT facts I'm learning from my shadow tours. It's good stuff to know when I get ready for my eval!

I'm loving...this guy.
may 2010
Lastly, I'm loving this pin...

How true is that?!?!

That's all, y'all.



  1. that last pin is so true!

    xx Emily @

  2. Omgoodness that is SO true! Sometimes I see how long I can go without looking at the clock in class and it ends up being just like this! Love what you're loving! Sounds like a great afternoon with your mom!!! Xox

  3. Time flies when you are having fun and creeps by when you're not. Great post... getting in the workout first thing is always so rewarding throughout the day!


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