Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Fall, y'all

Happy first day of Fall :) Unfortunately we're spending it in the rain, but rain is a good thing. (Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey...)

Of course I'm going to miss the warmth and glow of summer, but the way I look at it is that the sooner fall comes, the sooner winter will come, the sooner spring will come...and then it will be summer again :) It's all planned out.

The first thing I'm excited about doing is going to our pumpkin patch!
Sinkland Farm
I'm thinking I'll go get some baby ones to decorate, and then later get a big one to carve at home. They even have a hay ride you can take to the field.

As usual, here are some pins to celebrate Fall :)



  1. Cute pins! I'm so excited for the fall weather :) I do wish today was not so rainy.. it is so gross outside in the mountains of NC where I live!

  2. I absolutely love fall and I can't wait to start wearing my fall clothing!!

    I awarded you the iDig Your Blog Award!! Check out my post for more details! :)


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