Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I like BIG BOWS and I cannot lieeee

Everyone needs to rant once in a while, right? Here's what's making me pout today:
  • No one knows how to drive in roundabouts. Blacksburg decided to put in a roundabout at a fairly busy intersection and, after about 3 or 4 + months of construction, it finally opened today. Let's just say, the Blacksburg Gov twitter account posted a video called "How to Drive in a Roundabout" because lemme tell ya - lots of people need to read it! I'm not saying I'm the best driver in the world (and so far I've only been around it on the BT) but I looked out the window and saw...and heard others' stories...I will be avoiding that area at all costs when going out!
  • I've read on several blogs that the Missoni line at Target was completely gone by the time some people got there! I also heard that the website crashed with people trying to buy online. In fact I just tried to get on and no luck. I ALSO heard that some people saw women with multiple/overflowing carts? I think that's pretty ridiculous. I know there was a lot of hype about this line (rightfully so because it's so cute!) but seriously?? Overflowing your cart while some people get nothing? That seems a lot little rude. I can only hope that they have some more in the back (and the greedy folk lay off) so that I can go check it out! I didn't have time to shop today, maybe later.
  • I'm a student, so I don't have much room to yell at other students, but does your backpack really need to have it's own seat on the bus while other human beings have to stand? I'm not the most coordinated person, but I can stand pretty well on the bus. However, when there are technically 5 open seats, they just happen to be taken by backpacks, I get a little cranky. Move it or lose it, sister!
  • One last thing...next week, I have a test in EACH of my classes!! Two of them are on one day and the other three are on another day. Two days, five exams. I. Am. Not. Okay. With. That. Doesn't help that we have a football game on Saturday, which means...all day studying on Sunday :(
Okay, done for reals. Now time to share some PINTEREST finds that will hopefully brighten everyone's moods!

Pretty much.
Love conquers all.
Love this dress and the color.
So classy!
Gonna use this!
True Life.
I love fun cupcakes to make for the kids -- or friends ;)
My favorite!
Yep, that made me feel better.

Time for an episode of FNL :)


  1. Oh no! Stupid roundabouts, seat hogs and tests?! Yuck. I'll be praying for your busy/stressful week ahead. I must say that I LOVE that fall bucket list...totally stealing it! :)

  2. I need that bows sign! Too cute! And I'm with you on the roundabouts girl! Richmond has a million and I guarantee there is an accident in them all the time!! No one understands which lane you have to be in to go ALL the way around and end up side swiping people. I've learned not to trust the cars beside me and to be ready to swerve! Love the fall list too! Happy Wednesday and good luck studying!

  3. i loved your comment on my bloggie!! we have so much in common and to chat about! i will email you :) looking forward to reading your blog! xo


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