Monday, September 19, 2011

I like BIG BOOKS and I cannot liiiie

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[If y'all can't tell, I like anything that you can play off of Baby Got Back lyrics]

Recently, I logged onto Twitter and read a very sad tweet from our local newspaper, The Roanoke Times, stating that the Books-a-Million in Blacksburg would be closing in two weeks! The store is walking distance from my Mom's house and in a fairly new shopping center (which is struggling these days). It was the largest store in the center and, I can imagine, facing a huge rent fee. We have a Barnes and Noble in the neighboring town only 10 minutes away, so it's not the end of the bookstore world for me, but still it's sad!

They are having a sale - 20% off books and 40% off of everything else. Since Momma is a librarian, we went in to look for books and fun stuff for her school. I picked up a couple of things for myself, too, including:

His new book - The Best of Me - comes out on October 11!
Yes it was in the Teen I care?
Takes me back to high school days.
Lilly market tote - 6 dollaz!

...and a little notepad set with 4 different sizes of notepads that each say something different like, "Don't Forget", "One More Thing", etc. I am a notepad hoarder, I swear. Notepads & can't ever have too much and I think I'm proof of that!

My book selection was a little random, but I figured Safe Haven is soon on my list, I've heard SO MUCH about The Hunger Games (and I'm in the mood for a different genre) and The Great Gatsby is a classic that I need to re-read.

Are there any others that I should go snag at 20% off before they're gone for good?

This week is going to be soooo busy and hopefully fly by but I'll stay updated with y'all. I have some tests later this week AND my eval tour! Please pray that I eliminate the words UM and LIKE from my vocabulary before then...



  1. I have that tote! Love it! And I loved Safe Haven too. Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books. I hate seeing tiny little stores go out of business- it's like You've Got Mail in real life. Have you ever been to the Island Bookstore in the Outer Banks? It's so tiny but so comfortable and quaint and has just about everything. This post reminds me of it! Have a great week and good luck on your tests! I have one tomorrow. And I know exactly what you mean about the temperatures here- you'd think after our whole lives we'd know what was coming but no haha!

  2. I just read girl with the dragon tattoo and it was amazing - I would go pick up that series! And my brother loves the hunger games, they are on my list of books to read!

    xx Emily @

  3. Your blog title is hysterical! I am dying to read the Hunger Games. My husband read them and said that they were incredible.

  4. It really is a bittersweet moment! Borders just closed next door to me last week and it was SO SAD. That being said I walked away with over a dozen books for under $30. Win-lose!

    Great blog!!! I just started my blog on Sunday and would adore you stopping by to share some love!! I look forward to getting to know you!

  5. hahaha I busted out laughing at the title of this post! LOVE it!

  6. I just bought the Hunger Games, too! All of my friends have been talking about it so I wanted to see what all the hype was about! Let me know when you start reading.. I feel like I'm the only person who hasn't read it! I'm gad you picked up so many great deals -- cute Lilly market tote!


  7. I've been noticing a lot of small (and big name) book stores closing in the past 6 months or so. I wonder what's happening?? Are Kindles putting regular bookstores out of business or something?? :o(

    I'm glad you liked the running post! Have you got any more races scheduled??

  8. That's sad the store was closing but yay for great deals! The Hunger Games are really good :) I'm on book 2. I love that quote at the top of your post! haha...I repinned one similar to it on Pinterest!!! And I'm following you on Pinterest now, by the way!


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