Monday, September 5, 2011

10 Day You Challenge, plus some.

Two Songs (that will never grow old):

(1) Til Kingdom Come - Coldplay

(2) Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band

I love both of these bands. Dave is so good in concert, which is why I included a concert version of the song. (That was from 1999 though). Good ol VA boys :)

Only one more day of the 10 Day You Challenge. I forgot a couple of days or else I'd be done. Oh well :) Hopefully I'm not annoying y'all with this thing.

Today was SUCH a typical Monday. Started off not so great, but then it turned around. It rained all day today which I wouldn't mind so much if I wasn't having to walk around. Va Tech is soooo annoying in that they don't give off for Labor Day! I think the professors deserve the day off ;)
After class I did some errands with Momma and then around 5 I got home and just chilled out in my room listening to the rain...heaven.

My room is ALMOST completely done and put together :) I've only been moved in for, what, a month now? HA, whoops. I like to take my time, people.

Hope y'all have had a lovely Labor Day! Here are some of my recent Pinterest faves :)

Off to a meeting and the grocery store!


  1. I talked to my friend at Tech today and couldn't believe y'all didn't have off! Luckily it only rained for 10 minutes here!! Love your song choices and especially love the dog picture :)

  2. Oh yay!! A fellow Dave Matthews fan! :o) That song is my second favorite of his, first will always be Ants Marching. A friend of mine who lives in VA ran into him one time (apparently in the town where his grandparents lived) and he invited her to have coffee with him!! How ridiculous is that??? I've been jealous of her for 11 years now. :o)

  3. That Bushel & a Peck song is stuck in my head now. Geesh! haha
    Those other 2 songs you posted are such classics! Great choices :)


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!